Accepted new portal photos not showing up in game

Hello. I have had quite a few new portal photos accepted by Niantic over the past few weeks, however none of them have been showing up in the game. Photos accepted before about a month ago have been showing up fine but I've had about 7 not showing up in the game since then; even for portals which presently have only one awful photo which literally nobody voted for even whoever took it. 

Please look into this bug and fix it. 

I have a Moto G8+ running Android, the latest version of Ingress prime, and have submitted many tens of portal photos over the last 4 years.

This is an example of what I mean.

Nice new photo was accepted... But even days later and after umpteen restarts it's not showing up in the game. I'm still waiting for one accepted three weeks ago to actually show up, although I doubt it ever will.

I really enjoy improving **** looking portals with nicer looking or updated photos, so this bug has been really disappointing.

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