Want to do when on faction operates like a gange.

So, I've been trying to talk to the game controller's about what is going on in Salt Lake City. And I can't get a hold of them. I called google to ask how to contact them and i received a response in less then one min. And talked to a real person on chat.

It seems that when anyone tries to contact them they are sent back to the game.

So that's one problem next problem. We have a group of resistance up here that call themselves the pony riders. They act like there a gang. They **** the other side and go to there work place and try to get people into trouble. They use the research app the game supports tho find out where you live and and anything else's about you so they can **** you around your house. And they follow you whenever ever they can.

The use the game to try and get you band. If they lie or twist what's going on and report you you don't get to defend yourself. You are just assumed guilty and given a warning. 3 strikes and all of that. I have proof that I'm not the only one this is happening to and I've even called the cops who do nothing because one they think its just a game or two they don't care. Some are from the base out here. But i don't know if there part of the problem. I've done something I'm not proud of in the past and now I'm on state and federal probation. But others have never been in trouble before are also having to deal with the same stalking.

I've covered myself by reporting all of this to my probation officers and also have talked to my federal lawyer as well as my state lawyer and they say its illegal what the resistance is doing no matter who they are and if the game makers/controlers wont investigate that the can be held responsible for a altercation as much as the person who is involved. Disclaimer or contract dose not trump federal or state laws. So it comes down to this what would you do to stop this behavior form these people when all you want to do is play the game.


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