Visual glitch when selecting a single resonator and using a Power Cube

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Description of the issue:

In Recharge Mode, whenever a single resonator is selected its energy bar is highlighted in yellow. However, if the user opens and closes the Cube reel by pressing the "+" button in the upper-left corner (there is no need to actually use a Power Cube) the yellow indicator disappears, while the resonator remains selected. In fact, pressing the "Charge" button, only the selected resonator is recharged, even if no reso is highlighted in yellow.

Suggested behaviour:

After the selection of a single resonator, and after the Cube reel is opened and closed, it should happen that:

> The reso stays selected and the yellow indicator remains visible (preferred option);

> The yellow indicator disappears but the reso is also deselected, so that pressing "Charge" recharges all the resonators.

Either way, the presence of the yellow indicator should always reflect the selection status of a given resonator.

Device, OS, app version:

I knew of this visual glitch for nearly a year, so it isn't related to a single app version. I also changed my device in the meantime, and thus it doesn't appear to be a device-specific bug. Both my devices have Android as OS.

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