C.O.R.E subscription renewed but no activated

Description of the issue: I have lost the extra 500 inventory space from the CORE subscription, it was renewed today and the auto renewed is turned on. Indeed, when I go to the store and I try to purchase the CORE subscription again it says that I´m currently subscribed as you can see in the screenshot.

I received today the renewall´s invoice from Apple today at 11:14 GMT+2, but the problem is still here after more than 12 hours.

I also attach screenshot of my inventory space.

Iphone 11- ios 14.4.2 - app version 2.69.1-2a3517b8

@NianticBrian can you have a look to it?

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  • We are still waiting for a response on this matter.

  • I have the same issue, I’m auto renewal yet it vanished for no reason.

  • Niantic, I got the receipt for CORE, but STILL no expanded inventory. Is this an Apple specific issue ? How are you going to compensate ? This is ridiculous given you started a Hackaton event, meaning a probable code update, but there is the appearance that you are not serving your PAYING customers. WOW !!!

  • Same problem for a few days now, others have had it for weeks. The lack of response is infuriating. Hoping this will be fixed soon, some compensation would definitely be in order. I have never experienced anything like this on the App Store; what are you doing with all the money?

  • I'm having the same issue,When will the service come back?

  • My partner and I are having the same issue. We both reported it, but haven’t heard back yet. I don’t understand what’s taking so long.

  • I have the same problem. My inventory is overstocked and there are new events, I can not play.

  • I thought it was bad that no support or even a response for three days. I am seeing that this is a weeks long issue for some people.

    I think the worst part is that Niantic is completely unresponsive by app contact or by using the web interface.

    I suggest putting one star on the app review and complain about this. That usually gets a developers attention.

    The other alternative after about a week of no response would be to contact apple and ask for a refund for the month because the developers are not giving you the subscription, and not handling your contact requests.

  • You shouldn't have to wait longer than a week to ask for a refund. This isn't like you're getting tangible goods that need to be shipped back and forth.

  • FWIW, my CORE was finally restored today. Still no response from Niantic or Support, it seems to have just healed itself. I didn't do anything, I just hacked once and then suddenly it was awarded, it seems to have awarded me 2 month of "secure packets" and my counter says I've subscribed for 4 months.

    I'm delighted that it is working for me, but we still need an actual response from Niantic on this. And everyone else who is still missing their stuff needs the be fix ASAP.

  • Same. I got charged for my auto-renewing subscription this morning but I lost the shield icon by my name and I no longer have the expanded inventory and didn’t receive the CMU bonus :/ Help me.

    (I have Apple iOS 14.4.2 if that helps)

  • I am willing to give them a week to respond. It's a good thing to support them. After a week, and with no response, it is pretty clear they do not care the support.

  • It is clear to me that their backend is not syncing with either the app or with Apple correctly. The transactions are not being handled correctly. I think giving them a few days to at least respond, and a week or so to fix their issue is quite reasonable.

  • Sure, a few days is reasonable. For me, it's already been a few days. However, they've been aware of this issue since at least mid-March. This thread I am linking to was posted March 13, 2021, and there's no in-thread response from the devs or anyone.

    It's past the point of giving them the benefit of the doubt to give even an acknowledgment that there's an issue.


    I’m starting to think pain and suffering

  • Have you all already tried to open a ticket via Support?

  • Same. 😟

  • I have. They said they have "escalated it to our team" but have not responded to me at all. Mine has since gone to work, but they still have not responded in the support chat at all. Its been 5 days.

  • Same problem for me. I got a couple of drone hacks in this morning and now core is gone and I can’t hack anymore.

  • I finished going through this thread to catch Agents that our Ops team hadn't finished going through, so if you're not seeing your C.O.R.E. rewards (2,500 inventory) you should see it now after taking a game action.

    We're still investigating what's causing this issue for some Agents, and working on fixes for the issues we have identified. Thank you for your patience as we continue to work on this.

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