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    To piggyback on this question, will the sojourner streak be affected by this too, or will it remain as 24 hours starting from the first hack, plus the bit of leeway we have? @NianticBrian

  • I imagine it's "whatever Pokemon Go does right now", but damned if I know what that is.

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    Holy Pokemon Go batman!

  • This new medal takes longer than Soujorner! 60 Weeks add up to a total of 420 days! Niantic wants to leave us even more trapped in the daily hack.

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    I'm interested how daylight saving time is handled. There are a day of 23 hour length and another day of 25 hour length. Will this be set correctly to 00:00 after DST switch?

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    Interesting and a new medal. I have a portal within reach of home, so if I don’t rack this up, I’m clearly doing something wrong. Just gotta make sure to hack during holidays.

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    well, if it's based on you device timezone, you can modify it at will to preserve your streak. if it's based on geolocation, vpn and get the same result, so no real consequences with a bit of care

  • What a great way to start the week! Thanks!

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    Piggy backing on this.

    This is a very nice way to begin the daily and weekly goals. Presumably that it is the start of this.

    However, the problem is that very few countries have freedom of movement.

    Australia and New Zealand (I'm from NZ) and a few others won't have an issue.

    What is the reasoning behind not allowing the Drone to be used, for those who are in a covid-19 lockdown?

    The decision to use local time, versus UTC, is weird. If someone travels from Auckland to the USA, and back again, won't this cause issues? Same with a flight from say Dubai to Auckland, up to 16 hours of sitting in a tin can?


    When I travelled in 2018 to visit family in the UK, it was quite convenient to operate via UTC with Sojourner, knowing that for a 25 hour trip, that I needed to do a hack in dubai for Sojourner to keep going, which I did.

    Hackstreak, it would be a problem if in the same example, lose Hackstreak because of a different timezone that may or may not be observing daylight savings.

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    Please not now! I'm yet to have my onyx sojourner!

  • Ahh, thanks for the info! I knew Sojourner worked, as I had to keep mine going the first time I flew to California for Abaddon, but I guess I'll just have to accept a week out when I fly. I guess if I fly on a Monday and restart hacking on a Wednesday I'll only lose 2 days progress out of the 420. 😁

  • As @NianticBrian mentioned however, Sojourner resets, where as Epoch continues. There's no significant penalty for mistakes.

  • Here comes the two greedy questions.

    1. what if you put a fracker on the portal when hackibg the 7 day?
    2. restock portals on fs, do they also give out tripple? Hehe maybe sojournee could be broken to lay the 7 day on saturdays 🙈😂
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    Nr. 1 is answered by the original post. Frackers stack, so in theory, you could get one x6 output hack.

    Nr. 2 we can assume that restock portal output is not affected by it, as they aren't affected by frackers either and always give the exact output of items (plus the items from the normal hack, which should duplicate)

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    Please note that you can achieve the Onyx badge after 420 days. If you know what I mean 😏

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    Hi, I had an issue with the Sojourner badge, and wonder if it will also affect the HackStreak badge...

    Had a busy day, so just logon to complete a hack. Didnt realize inventory was full... Bam... Sojourner counter reset to zero...

    It seems that hacking isn't counted if the agent's inventory is full... It is making the situation worst for those with limit inventory space, now that first hack of the day returns more items.

    @NianticBrian Can the game be more lenient on this?

    Thank you.

  • @1valdis Hackstreak should correctly reflect daylight saving time in your local timezone, so as you mentioned there are variable days (not exactly 24 hours between Portal hacks).

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    How should I understand the stat? Since it's not supposed to be reset if I miss a day I'm confused by the wording

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    Sinces it's back logged on PokeGo can it be backlogged for ya know, those of us who have been playing this silly game since 2013?!

    Decided to edit this to be more professional.

    @NianticBrian Noticing from the medal section on the Trainer Profile for Pokemon Go, the count for the medal was retroactively counted and such gives credit to the trainer for their previous milestones in this achievement. As for us Agents in Ingress who have dedicated our time to the scanner, for the Enlightened, for the Resistance, Jarvis and Ada, this badge should be retroactively counted as well.

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    If your inventory is full, then you didn't complete a hack. Recycle some gear, hack again, done. This should not change.

  • thesolothesolo ✭✭✭✭✭

    Yep. So adding even more of a mess to the current situation.

  • Must the hacked portals be unique each day for the Hackstreak to remain valid?

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