[2.69.1]Auto-renewal of my core subscription is failing.

I have a renewal date of the 17th of every month.

The core update screen was not displayed.

Additional inventory space is still lost and I have not received any loadout kits.

The app store shows the next renewal date as MAY 17.

My credit card has a history of a subscription charge on 4/17.

I've been using the core subscription since February.

In my agent profile, Months Subscribed is displayed to 2.


iPhone 8 iOS 14.4.2 


Log out and log in again.

Clear the cache.

Reinstall the app.

When I sign up for core again from the ingress store, it says store sync error.

The refresh button in 2.69.1 does not respond to anything.

And after a few hours, the refresh button doesn't even show up anymore.

I linked Ingress to my Apple ID.

The refresh button reappeared, but

However, there is still no response when I touch the button.

No response from support.

I have not been able to hack for 2 days.

I haven't tried to cancel the AppStore subscription only because I don't want to be charged twice.

Please let me know if I should try to cancel my subscription once.

If there is anything that Niantic would like to know to determine the cause of the problem, please let me know.

I would like to work together to solve this problem that plagues so many people.

”store sync error. try again later”

"Next subscription renewal date: May 17"

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