C.O.R.E. benefits missing (Core)

I am subscribed to C.O.R.E. via App Store (iOS 14.4.2) - it shows my next Billing Date as 18th May 2021 (it is 19th here). Implying that previous Billing - April - has occurred. However scanner is showing I am not subscribed to Core (i.e. 2k inventory not 2.5k; no indicator; etc..).

There is sufficient funds available for the subscription.

Interestingly, checking Purchase History, I note the first two subscription bills were billed on 20th of Feb & March. Where as April, though implied billing date of 18th of April, is actually marked as pending.

Further note: 28 days from 20th Feb is 20th March (which matches billing); 28 days from 20th Mar is 17th Apr - one day before billing date implied in App Store.



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    Billed on 20th but would of left account as pending transaction on the 19th so that actually matches.....

    Yes may seem odd that payment is processed before billing.....

  • Description of the issue: C.O.R.E. Benefits disappeared 2 days before automatic renewal happened.

    What actually happened:

    1. the renewal date was the April 17th
    2. since the renewal date happened on the weekend, the bank transaction was postponed till the next working date
    3. during the weekend (2 days), the actual transaction on the iOS device (Account Settings -> Purchase History -> C.O.R.E. Monthly (Pending)) was in the Pending state
    4. Niantic billing servers did not receive payment notification in time and disabled C.O.R.E. benefits

    What Apple recommends to implement:

    Enable Billing Grace Period for auto-renewable subscriptions: (https://help.apple.com/app-store-connect/#/dev58bda3212)

    Billing Grace Period allows you to let subscribers whose auto-renewal failed due to a payment issue continue accessing your app’s paid content for a period of time while Apple continues to attempt to collect payment. There won’t be any interruption to the subscriber’s days of paid service or to your revenue if Apple is able to recover the subscription within the grace period of your subscription product. Without enabling Billing Grace Period, the subscriber’s days of paid service are paused until Apple is able to collect payment.

    Device, OS, app version: iPhone XS, iOS 14.4.2, app version - 2.68.2-cea30027

  • @ALostBearCub can you try a game action and see if your C.O.R.E. rewards (2,500 inventory) come through? Thank you.

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