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Please allow agents to report Portals via the intel map. There are times when they can't be legally or safely accessed, and we should still have the ability to report them.

Using Remy results in them telling you that it's not possible to submit request without utilizing the scanner.

This gives portals that are out of reach to agents a substantially increased immunity to being reported. Not all agents will be able to click on it in comm or have another agent drop them a key.

Along the same lines reporting what is said in Comm should be as easy as clicking on the message and picking to report it. Obviously this should be available on scanner / intel.


  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    I thought you can report a portal with a form?

    The help section here has a link for reporting invalid portals. The link is also for owners of a property where the portal is located but you'll see that the form still allows you report the issue regardless of ownership - as in you can state you don't own the property but there's an issue present.

    Otherwise, even the help section states reports have to at least go through the scanner. (Given a rejection permits you to then post on the Wayfarer Community Forums for an appeal.)

  • You can pretty much guarantee that if they allowed Intel for reporting, they would be spammed with automated tools reporting everything and anything.

  • EvoldicAEvoldicA ✭✭✭

    Unfortunately the form you linked is designed for locations that DO meet criteria but the owner doesn't wish to have it and therefore private residential property is not an option.

  • EvoldicAEvoldicA ✭✭✭

    That's what CAPTCHA and other anti bot measures are for... I mean.. no one is abusing Wayfarer to target agents right? ;)

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