Ingress Bug (Now 2.69.1) - 1 Year On

Last Time I Visited The Ingress Forums I Left under a cloud from the Lack Of Support From The Ingress Team & Developers while I see there's been a few changes here and new sections...I left to the point that nothing was Being Addressed & Updates were taking an eternity to roll out with possible fixes.

Previous Call For Help:-

I then had a Major Device Malfunction in March 2020 that required research...upon completing that research & fixing the Malfunction I returned to the same device and updated everything to a point Pogo & HPWU were still working and playable even now but upon updating Ingress Prime this just seems to be in the same sorry state it was a Year Ago.🤔😓😞

I Really Want To Get Back out there Linking Portals Again But Not If The Developers such as @ofer2 @NianticBrian @NianticCasey & anyone I've not interacted with previously who maybe more Proactive whose tag I don't know could be tagged.

Ofer & Casey if I recall came close to helping me with the 3 fingered logging trick but then disappeared and left me hanging...Live Chat Support Is Just as bad as always so I'm asking again...Can We Spend Some time to Look into my issue of the Game Hanging on a blank screen and with No GPS Location or HUD/MAP Data & Globe Animation or Map Data.

Below is how the game currently looks as of 20:18 this evening (18th April 2021) on a Private YouTube Link Not Made Public.

Video Proof :-

I have a couple of Log Files From The 3 Fingered App Logger on a couple of versions and the recent one,but the content of that would be too big to paste in a post but I could email it to the Devs if needed as a text file.

Summary of issue: ^^^^^ - Above

Device: Nokia 7.1 (TA-1100)

OS: Android 10 (previously 8.1 & 9.0)

App Version:- 2.69.1 - 2a3517b8

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  • PhantomR1982PhantomR1982 ✭✭✭
    edited May 28

    Ohhh would you look at's been over a month and I'm being completely ignored as usual :-(

    I've also seen and installed two app updates since posting this message and I'm still stuck in black screen hell

    Its funny that Pokémon Go & HPWU are working fine but Ingress Prime just can't load it's data properly even with the Unity 2019 update.

    I see there is a black screen and map pinch bug on certain iPhone products that's recently been reported yet that gets worked on straight away.

    @NianticBrian once said the subscription service when introduced could even offer priority support...even this looks like it's not going the way they hoped.

    Anyways here's what happens with those two updates since on capture links below.

    Ingress :- 2.70.1 -

    Ingress :- 2.72.1 -

    There has to be some component failing in all of these updates for me it was the update that brought the Umbra Event (December 2019) to our devices and it's got progressively worse since then.

    I'm hoping somehow we can get to the bottom of this as I can login to the forum's & even the Intel website and I even tried applying a random code that way but it didn't help yet it said it applied successfully.

    Can I force download a local map update or menu overlay externally to access the options or in-app support or something as I know it's there waiting to be accessed.

    @NianticVK @NianticCasey @ace

    Kind Regards.

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    That's terrible that it is still outstanding for some.

    Quite a few people are still encountering this.

    Only things I can suggest is

    Try to clear the ap data, not cache, all app data, then try again. You probably have done this already.

    Double check app permissions

    If you are using a VPN, try turning it off

    If you are using a virus scanner, try disabling it.

  • PhantomR1982PhantomR1982 ✭✭✭
    edited May 31

    Hiya @Grogyan

    Tell me about it,I keep getting push notifications about new events like the Umbra event that defeated all my hard work and many pairs of shoes maybe add. :D

    Pogo is so confusing to get my head around but it's the only one other than Wizards that can keep me active.

    I was getting so much praise for getting out there and walking to the point people noticed a big change in my personality and appearence but this all failed when ingress failed.

    Yes I have tried many things to investigate why this is happening and i did stop updating the app for ages but decided to try again and screen record the older videos showed overlapped portal bubbles but as the newer releases came out these all disappeared and now i have a black screen all the time if you played the links.

    My poor agent is stuck at level 8/9 and can't go further because I can't get back in.

    I see someone recently has also posted the same issue

    "scanner not loading" that I have regarding (FMOD) also and if this is fixed maybe the game will load properly for me or maybe it wont.

    But it surely needs investigating as it's long overdue.

    I even see there's a new game called "Catan" but alas it's not available in my region to even try :-(

    And to think I was going to potentially subscribe to C.O.R.E but that's put me off now seeing all its problems.

  • PhantomR1982PhantomR1982 ✭✭✭
    edited June 10

    Oh how wonderful the support is at Niantic and how many wonderful events that are now running that us agents can't parcipitate in.

    How does @NianticBrian & @NianticCasey & @NianticVK justify this as a good working game.

    I said it once and I'll say it again....I've Lost all Faith In NIANTIC as a company that care for there players and even C.O.R.E subscribers there was an uproar not so long back over the lack of support for Ingress and just as us agents and even vanguard's that left because of this thought we were getting somewhere with sorting this out it just seems they slipped back into there old ways.

    There No One fighting the players corners and listening to us anymore such as a community manager that is constantly teased but never announced

    Us Dedicated Agents were happy to put in the work trekking everywhere and to help create portals and have fun with other agents by defeating the opposing teams stronghold and there was so much to do,but with agents being forced to give up by NO Support and the Devs not working with users to rectify this quickly in a timely fashion then what's the point of wasting our time.

    Personally I'm tired of waiting for a real response that is going to get to the bottom of these Black Screen issues/app load fails/ and [FMOD] issues.

    Niantic Pull Your Socks Up & get your fingers back on the Unity Keyboards and thinking caps back on & start listening to your agents problems and release actual working fixes even in a beta form before a public release that makes everyone suffer.

    And if Unity is the cause of all these problems then look at a different game engine that is more reliable to export the game to as I heard ROBOVM was a better product back in the day before being shutdown (Ingress Classic)

    OK Rant over...

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