Operation Mal Aventurados

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On April 17, 2021 at 23:00 OP MalAventurado starts to cover the cities of Viana and Esposende with green. With base link of the Torre da Sereia de Montedor and the Farol da Berlenga. 10 layers in which 5 entered the 00:00 checkpoint. After the OP, a spoofer destroys the anchor of Torre da Sereia de Montedor.

Panic! Team talking to the agent who was on the site and confirms that he is alone.

Desert location.

Team remakes again and the spoofer destroys again.

Thank you, spoofer vanadiumfish.

 Total MU's 480 266


frick77 - Planner, Operator

ovelhnegr - Field Agent

Rclosi - Cleaner

NitaLua - Linker

EliteGaia - Key Transport

SirVejaGOD - Key Transport

Mikinba - Key Transport

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