OPR Error 403, is there a workaround?

I occasionally get error 403 when trying to view a full-size image of portal nomination. This happens only with nominations coming from Ingress Prime (never from Redacted). When this error happens it affects both the portal photo and the supporting photo.

Here is today's example.

Portal photo - lh3.googleusercontent.com/ubNm47ZkWQqMt4jM2QlgpRgMAl7gUeydg9-Q2ATrH-kOnCz7gpVf_nBnbnakXDJ5LaMkstEvsa7tQ6bmNzQklwrWkLSC=s0

Supporting photo - lh3.googleusercontent.com/WH5wctXghw7mukvA6qKjckUzlqnOudNxIbhEcdy5GpzpaZM4ly85DdsTkQccimtbTk-f6AIUBw1J8z6DaLXwXyZq7Q=s0

Anybody knows of a workaround?

If somebody at Niantic is seeing this, nomination coordinates are 42.577919,-72.331817. Hopefully coords are enough to identify the problematic nomination.



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