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Good afternoon, community, Niantic!

There is a wonderful city of Yaroslavl in Russia, population 600,000+ people.

There is a community of players in Ingress and Pokemon go.

And there are some individuals who violate the rules, who poison the whole game, 100,500 reports have been sent to them, but there is no result. These individuals are outside the fair gaming community, but by their actions they destroy the remnants of what is left.

What new players can we talk about when this happens?

How do I explain this to beginners? Here is the portal, and here are the links, here are the fields, and here is a third of the city, which is put down by one player from ten accounts. This is not good, complaints about it are poisoned, but Niantik does not respond to them.

What will the newcomer say?

- Why would I play this game if the company that created the game doesn't care what happens in their game?

By communicating with the rest of the accounts he leveling for sale. He plays from two split-screen phones. Four accounts at the same time. On the other accounts, he is re-logged in or has several more phones. This is already a business.

This is unacceptable! How can one player easily ruin the game for the entire city and region? Enlightened and resistance dont want to put up with such a player and Niantic's attitude to it.

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    Do you have the documents like screenshots of those accounts' being listed for sale? I doubt whether Niantic Support really reads the supplementing documents such as screenshots when you file a report even if collectively, but if you post it here (and make sure you mask or hide for example the real name or other things that could be relevant to "privacy" so that Disagree Army and Niantic defenders cannot maliciously report and remove it), chances are low but still exists that someone from Niantic would take a look, yes really take a look this time. After all, it's accounts' selling for money which is an extremely serious violations rather than ordinary spoofing and multi-accounting.

    Yes I know that pure spoofing without any transaction of selling accounts should already be banned because it's already serious but you and I both know the current situation about the reporting channel we are facing when fighting with spoofers and the fact that accounts that have many medals are quite difficult to get banned....I'm not asking for proof because I can see a lot of likes here and I bet players in your area must have made numerous and countless reports already with sufficient evidence from your perspective and with the help of Vanguards and thus I'm suggesting to make all kinds of attempts here on the forum by you that may ultimately raise attention from someone of Niantic

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    Plus good to see that your community can unite on this forum to file this report. An impressive solidarity that makes Disagree Army not daring put Disagree on your post easily and blatantly and say that they disagree because "you are naming and shaming other players" or because "you are simply trying to ban a player which is not decent and this will not be met with universal accolades".

    There are two ENL players in our area (Shanghai) that controls 10+ sub-accounts respectively and do meteoric spoofing every day which is similar to your case except accounts selling, but they are welcomed as "heroes" and "big boss" by local ENL community which is beyond your imagination. That being said, though the gaming envrionment is poor, you have a good community.

    And sad to see that your community has to resort to making post like this as the ultimate way trying to to get the problem solved which as promised should be solved by Niantic in an efficient way, while a lot of support channel defenders on this forum keep advertising that "support channel is working well" and "if support channel does not ban a player it means they didn't find problems and reporters should accept that".

    In case your post were reported by them and removed for "defaming other players" I archived the post for you https://archive.is/cZta6. If so, try writing to Mr. Brian Rose or Mr. John Hanke directly with the archive.

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    Just keep report him and all suspicios connected multi accounts. sooner or later his accs must get banned.

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    Obviously NO without intervention of someone from Niantic. OP has clearly stated that they have been doing so. I would suggest OP to aggregate all conversation IDs (500?) of all reports and publish them here for eyes of every "just keep report" saying holder.

  • 1. On mobile it is brutal to report anything involving a spoofer, getting links for latitude, etc.

    2. It is absurd that this a no can do.

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    And we are tired of seeing action of "reporting with solid evidence and strong reasons spoofers and players violating ToS seriously" being defamed by you guys as "naming and shaming people" or "witch hunting". You guys don't want to see such posts and it's not related to your area do not mean you have valid and honourable reasons to do the defaming on reporters. You have no rights to decide what people should write on the forum even if you do massive disagree. It's the Ingress Community Guidelines that decide.

    When we can no longer talk to Trusted Reporters via Telegram to get our reports escalated, writing posts on the forum is the only way to do so and proves to be a effective way, though depending on the case. We can see that Niantic employee has agreed that reporters could send a report with the link of this post to support channel, which means writing posts here would not directly take effect but can be used as reference. A new subforum for posts of descriptions and detail about the reports would be good.

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    Many areas including mine have been dealing with multi accounters for years and nothing is ever done about it. It's impossible to be banned for multi accounting. It's just the way the game is being played anymore. Those that play legit are just ignored.

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    its just so difficult to prove multi acc even for niantic compared to a couple that plays together with their own phone.

  • A group of 10 might be stretching that definition though.

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    yes thats true... i heard of someone that has 20+ accounts 1 guy... despite all reports isnt banned or all multi accs..

  • hahaha , the irony is that one of the acoounts is translated as "I Don't care" , only obscently

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