Battle Beacon not awarded via C.O.R.E. subscription renewal

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The renewal took place on April 9th. Ingress was open at the time. I received the notification and the loadout screen listing all items.

All other items appeared to have been awarded correctly. At the time the subscription loadout updated I'm pretty sure I already had a Battle Beacon in my inventory that I had bought from the store. Another player, John Higham, also reports that he observed the same behaviour.

The only other detail I can think that might be relevant is that I had recursed for the 14th time that morning and was either level 6 or 7 at the time the subscription renewed.

I posted to Twitter as soon as I realised and tagged @NianticHelp and @NianticBrian. Brian got back to me quickly. (Very grateful!)

I've not heard anything for a few days so I wanted to escalate this officially on here. Is there any chance you could investigate?

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    Just to confirm, are you and/or your friend Recursed? Not level 16 without recursion. In other words, is your Subscription flair pink instead of white/gray

  • Sorry, I forgot to add. Yes. I'd just recursed that morning in fact. That might be an important detail. Will add to the OP.

  • It looks like 1 Battle Beacon was granted to @Tinderbiscuit with the subscription reward bundle on Apr 9 at 5:40pm, so we're still investigating why you and 1 other player you mentioned didn't receive it.

    From recent Store logs, I see that 2 Battle Beacons were purchased (separate from the C.O.R.E. subscription):

    1. Mar 29 at 11:02am
    2. Mar 29 at 12:01pm

    And I see that 2 Battle Beacons were then used:

    1. Mar 29 at 11:18am
    2. Mar 29 at 12:24pm

    As far as I can tell, you should have 1 Battle Beacon in your inventory, which is the one that came with the C.O.R.E. renewal benefit for having recursed. However, what the recent Store logs report and what you're describing sounds different?

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    Hi Brian,

    That looks right to me. I'm just looking at my Battle Beacon Combatant stat. That's set at 4. I've had 3 subscription updates. I do remember making the 2 purchases as part of an op. That would mean 2 sub used + 2 purchased used. That would mean there should be one left over, which is what's in my inventory now. From my memory I thought we'd also been gifted a free Battle Beacon last year prior to subscription starting but I've talked to some people on telegram channels and I think I've been misremembering the first subscription announcement. I feel really silly and I'm really, really sorry for having you run around the houses. Thank you again for looking into it. :(

  • No worries, always good to double check that things are working as intended. Thank you for joining C.O.R.E.!

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