Update on 2.24 Release


We will not be releasing a 2.24 update for Ingress Prime but will be folding the planned user interface and experience improvements, as well as the bug fixes that would have been part of 2.24, into 2.25. This release will be coming in a couple of weeks.

In general, we strive to maintain a two-week development cycle for Ingress. However, through our QA process and regression testing, there may be times we do not feel it appropriate to release a software update.

In this particular instance, there was an issue with notifications in 2.24 on Android that has dependencies on several pieces of code. To avoid causing additional issues, we decided to not release this update and focus on fixing these in a more sound way in a future release.

Thanks for your understanding and support--we are excited for you to see the changes we are working on!

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