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My wayfarer rating is stuck at poor despite a 64% agreement rate. Why the sudden unexplained rating drop, despite good agreement rates?

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    For questions about Wayfarer, you better post them on the special Wayfarer forum :

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    I have read the beautiful explanation of the Wayfinder rating in July 2020 in this discussion, but I don't know why it is not found now : https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/discussion/5007/quality-assurance-and-reviews

    but I saved the explanation:

    The Wayfarer team has come together to create an overview of the behind-the-scenes work to ensure continuing high quality of reviews as well some insight into what goes into your rating:


    Niantic has implemented a system involving a constantly updated set of real-world nominations that are silently added to the review flow by Niantic staff working alongside you in Wayfarer. These Niantic-selected nominations are clear examples of qualifying or disqualifying Wayspots to assess whether reviewers are complying with the criteria. Your agreement and disagreement with these nominations also have an impact on your Wayfinder rating. 

    The Niantic-selected nominations were fully implemented in late April, which in some cases, resulted in reviewers’ ratings changing more quickly than before.

    The ratings system in Wayfarer is always being updated depending on your review performance. When you review more nominations, the rating will change based on a few criteria, including your agreement with Niantic-selected nominations used to assess quality, agreement with the community decision, the speed and consistency of your reviews and more.

    Exhibiting abusive behavior, including patterns indicating careless or irresponsible review behavior, will lead to harsh punishments including dropped ratings or even banning. 

    Behavior that’s unlikely to affect your review includes one-off skipping of a review, occasionally timing out on the page, switching to another page or even closing the browser on the review page.

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