Operation Estivada 4M UHD

Frick77Frick77 ✭✭
edited April 2021 in SITREPs

On the 9th of March 2021, the city of the Archbishops (Braga) in Portugal was covered by the mantle of 9 layers of green paint. After exchanging keys and looking at the map, the idea was outlined. After an outline the plan is improved. Agent Zeroogg obtains the Illuminator medal. Adventures on a very calm night.

OP - 3 681 918 MU’s for cell AF07-SIERRA-02

  • Aenariel - Cleaner
  • Emols - Cleaner
  • Frick77 - Planner Key Transport
  • Mantamorta - Cleaner
  • Migasmarques - Cleaner
  • SirvejaGod - Key Transport Cleaner
  • W00ken - Planner Key Transport
  • Zeroogg - Linker


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