Glyph hacking changes for discussion

2 Suggestions for Glyph hacking for discussion please -

1. when we glyph hack have the names of the glyphs show underneath as they are drawn and displayed. I'm trying to learn the glyphs, instead of 'leftaxetop' 'shortfatpencil' large triangle down' 'broken bowtie' show the names like purity, humanity, fields, or portals. Firstly easier to remember, secondly we actually learn the 'language'. Many of the glyphs for a type of sentence or idea.

2. when we glyph, have each symbol NOT stay on the screen once completed, so we can start the next glyph. (like it used to be??) time gets wasted while we realise that the glyph has been 'recognised and finished' I do like that each glyph is named at this stage too. Thanks for consideration.


  • Glyph hacking is a visual memory game, what you do is what I usually recommend to new agents.

    If one is on iOS can use this site to exercise with sequences and familiarise with glyph's names.

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    Personally I gave up learning the words, ive learned some but others the easiest way to do it is to just do as you've done, give them your own names. I make own names for them and now I get about 90% right, the 10% is usually losing attention from a message popping up lol

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    nice to see the ambassadors being friendly towards new players who want to learn /s

    if your players have to learn your app from another app, they won't be your players for long.

    adding the word for the current glyph could be viable on Normal speed, most people who already know the sequences use Complex and wouldn't even look at them. no real advantage here if somebody knows the word, the corresponding shape still needs to be drawn correctly.

    hell, you can even display all the shapes on the top part if you use Simple, since it just takes so much time that nobody except new players would use it. also useful when a player levels up and starts seeing 4 and 5 part sequences, they can start slowly learning them (or use normal speed, you won't know the whole sequence but you can look at the word for each glyph)

    seems a great idea, allowing each user to learn at his own pace

  • They don't have to learn from another app, they can use the SIMPLE command and wait for the names slowly showing up in the recap view, and then go out an practise. Don't forget Glyph Hack is a memorisation sub-game, IMHO adding the name before the final view would simplify it too much.

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    I learnt using the existing system. It works just fine for most people. For those who want to learn faster, or have trouble with the existing system, other players have created tools to assist them. As players, would be remiss in not pointing out these other tools to people who genuinely want to learn.

    if your players have to learn your app from another app, they won't be your players for long.

    Or perhaps there are very good reasons why, in a game, making things simplistic and impossible to fail, takes away all the challenge, and reduces the feeling of reward involved. Something that will destroy a game far faster than making it too hard.

    "Make learning glyphs easier" is a valid desire. The provided suggestions however have more negatives than benefits, which is why people responded with a negative.

    One of the suggestions actually makes it harder to glyph correctly, not easier.

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    i've mentioned the benefits that would allow players that are still learning to advance faster, based on their experience. what exactly are the 'negatives' you keep talking about?

    1. Complex users wouldn't be affected at all

    2. Normal users would still have to look at every word, then draw the shape.. this does take additional time, and is not an 'exploit'. once these users learn the sequences they'll move to Complex for the faster glyphing.

    3. Simple users can also see the shapes, since it would help them learn the sequences, the time trade is huge

    get the freak out of the 'i did it like this, so it shouldn't be easier for new people' mentality, these are changes for people who are still learning. i still see people without bronze translator around me, because the system is so frustrating for some users

  • i've mentioned the benefits that would allow players that are still learning to advance faster, based on their experience. what exactly are the 'negatives' you keep talking about?

    Are you the OP? I haven't responded to any ideas except the ones presented in the OP's initial post.

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    New players have to start somewhere.

    The suggestion of the different apps are the easiest way to get engaged and remember glyphs. The different apps are like using flash cards. You get used to the sequences and words - which ones act as opposites of other words. The easiest one to remember is past, present, future - a lot of other sequences are in a similar fashion.

    There's also a few websites that have researched the possible glyph sequences:

  • Cool. As a bit of advice, attacking people in your first line generally means they don't care to read whatever comes after. So I didn't.

    So to address your changes:

    It is not in Niantic's best interests to make the glyph game trivial because they want people to think about it, and be invested in learning it. Giving the answers away would simply mean that people play the "Follow the line" game and don't actually learn.

    I know it's a complex thought, but making games easy is bad for those games, because they become trivial and boring, and people stop playing, and find something more challenging. All these suggestions to make things trivial would damage the game as much as spoofers, in the long run.

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    From my own experience, the current scheme is good.

    I would walk around the P8 farms, and practiced on lower level portals.

    Much profanity and cursing at myself occured.

    It is learning a new language, it will be difficult at first.

    The tutor apps Perringaden mentioned, were of not help to me in those days.

    Instead, I recommend, learning the words and sentences. As these are much easier to commit to memory than trying to assign your own names to the glyphs

  • Perringaiden XM Ambassadors › ✭✭✭✭✭ April 10

    quote - It's intentionally there to give you a chance to look at the glyph and make sure you didn't miss a pin, and hit redo if you did. -unquote

    thank you for this tip - I was unaware of this 'feature' and will specifically look for it. I thank you for your response and insight. Glypher is helping me a lot. thankyou.

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    also, you could trace the patterns after the game is done while it's showing them, while you say the name. it helps with association

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    Also, on the command glyph screen.

    Draw the glyph "Simple", this will show each glyph for a longer period of time

    • Recommended if you are learning the glyphs

    Draw the Glyph "Complex", this will show each glyph for a much shorter time

    • Not recommended for learning glyphs

    Drawing nothing on the glyph screen, will show each glyph for a moderate amount of time

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