[2.68.2] Portal flames visible on the map + Reproduction steps

When Prime first released, portal flames with the picture of the portal appeared on the map from time to time. After feedback from agents, Niantic removed this feature, which meant that the flames should only be visible in the portal details. However, a bug meant that portal flames were still visible without their picture, and in greater numbers then before. It's an old bug that Niantic hasn't been able to fix, presumably because they couldn't reproduce it. I think I found a way to trigger the bug consistently, so although I believe there already is a bug report for the flames, I'll open another one. Note however that this is only a part of the bug, I know that flames sometimes appear when recharging remotely. No idea how to reproduce that one.

1. Open the deploy menu of a portal. Note that portal flames are not appearing.

2. Deploy a resonator. Suddenly, portal flames appear. (Alternatively: Deploy or upgrade resonators so the portal level raises, from L1 to L2 for example)

3. Exit the deploy menu by tapping on the middle of the screen so that you get sent back to the map without going through the portal details menu first.

4. The flames appear on the map without their picture.

If you have the flames on the map, there's also an easy way to get rid of them again.

1. Tap on the portal to open the portal menu.

2. Tap on the X on the bottom to exit out of the portal (not via a tap in the middle)

As someone who has no idea of programming, I think this is what's happening: The portal flames are supposed to show in the portal menu and are therefore triggered once you open it. Going into the deploy menu or closing the menu gives the scanner the signal to hide the flames again. For some reason however, when deploying on a portal, the flames are triggered, and as they are only hidden when leaving the portal through the portal menu, existing via a middle tap in the deploy menu doesn't send the signal to the scanner to hide them again.

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