VFS - Cambridge UK, April 2021

No innuendo intended, but that was a bit bigger than expected...

A whopping 186 agents turned up to a merged VFS between the UK Wayfarer Community and the regular SE Community.

Although by far, the biggest FS I had ever run, massive thanks goes to my partner, in crime administration: @danwilliams01

A merge between two organisers has meant we’ve been able to share tricks and systems that each of us do, so we’re each able to make our events even better.

Thanks to everyone who shared a selfie, it’s been great to see some faces, where I’d only known an IGN, even if some were a bit grumpy... 🤣

Thanks everyone for coming, it’s been a fab day, see you all next month. Here’s our Collage of your lovely selfies, credit to @ZombieSazza


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