Portail scan - issue sending later functions

Dear all,

I start to make some portal scan and I encounter an issue with the function “send later”.

The portal scan function is working well.

But at the end of scan, and even pushing the button “send later” one, or several times, the record is not kept in memory for later sending.

The cursor is turning around, in the background I can see the images scrolling from 1 to 580 again and again.

After 4/5 scroll I get the message “cannot submit your scan”. But I don’t want to submit now...

The only solution is to close the app and then to lost the scan.

This don’t append all time but I would say 7 of 10.

It can also append that 2-3 first time I push the button after scan, it works fine and suddenly the issue appear.

I can restart the app and/or the phone it don’t solve the issue. Some hours/days later on the same position, for the same scan, same phone, same network provider, it works fine.

When the function is working and record scans, I don’t have any trouble to send it from home when connected to my wifi.

Phone: iPhone XS Max 

iOS: 14.4.2

Ingress version: 2.68.2-cea30027

Portal for example : https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=47.908712223003135,7.214831113815308&z=17

Thanks for your support


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