OP Happy Easter - 06/04/2021


On 06 April 2021 the whole Romagna and all province of Pesaro was covered by 43 layers of green control fields: five agents from AF11_SIERRA06 have coordinated to create this fantastic multilayer which holds a total of 4.5 million of Mind Units. The agent @xLIGAx (whohad the idea) thanks @thecec and @mothmoon @LordGreenMonkey @mart944 @fontemaggio, @BadFucio . This was the first major operation of the Enlightened from Romagna and Marche in 2021.

While at Easter the weather was favorable, April 06 was the time of rain, rough seas and snow. in fact, me with @thecec and @mothmoon together to activate the red lighthouse along the port had to face waves upon waves, while @fontemaggio at Pergola was holed up in the car under the snow waiting for @LordGreenMonkey and @mart944 to field al 43 layers along the waterfront


  • loumpiloumpi ✭✭
    edited April 12

    Great bag !

    How was it possible for Mart944 one of your fielder To be in paris 3 days after with all the sanitary restrictions and in a closed area this night at 1 am ?

  • xLIGAxxLIGAx ✭✭

    Like his account(or email) was hacked. also he lost a lot of inventory. However, as your friend told him, there weren't any real attack that destroy resonator. if need more help you can contact him directly. you can find him on Telegram

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