[OPINION] New Event Format is a Good Change

ArkFangArkFang ✭✭✭✭

So the April event schedule seems to mimic March’s, a global competition (or in this case collective challenge) with no medal, followed by a personal (-esque) challenge with a (possibly) earnable medal later in the month that will also eventually come back later with higher tiers.

Last month was Kinetic Caps, and this month unique hacks. And with UPH extending to drone as well, those currently in lockdown or under restrictions for outdoor activities can at least participate in that form. Whether or not the later challenge will again be individual and/or have a medal is yet to be seen. Regardless, this seems to be a good change.

This way, people can participate in the global challenge if they want (and safely can) as well as a personal challenge. It provides a good balance. And with the confirmation that the earnable medal(s) will come back later with higher tiers means that those currently unable to participate due to Covid can still (hopefully) participate again once the event(s) come back.

So good on you, Niantic and the Ingress team, for finding a format that works for a majority of Agents while still considering those under lockdown and restrictions and those able to freely(ish) move about with lighter or zero restrictions.



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