Mission meets criteria but receiving inconsistent rejections

Curious what's going on with the mission reviewers. There doesn't seem to a problem with the queue, as I'm getting feedback nightly, but if I submit more than one mission at a time, they all get rejected.

I'm submitting an 18-part banner set for a tour of a college campus. There's no banner/mosaic associated with this college campus. The title clearly states that it's a tour of a college campus, and each description has a little piece of trivia about one of the waypoints. The trivia is stuff like when the building opened, something about the unique architecture, etc. I've gotten the first out of 18 approved, but that was because I submitted it by itself. It seems that if I submit more than one mission at a time, they are all rejected within about 30 seconds. I'm not sure that the reviewer is actually taking the time to read them because the rejection reasoning is that there isn't a clear theme.

For example, this is the title and description of the first approved mission: Title: University of San Diego College Campus Tour (1/18); Description: "USD is a college campus. This is a tour across the campus on foot. USD is widely admired for its stunning Spanish Renaissance architecture"

Another point that was just rejected again for the 4th or 5th time: Title: "University of San Diego College Campus Tour (4/18)"; Description: "This is a tour of the USD college campus. Look up at the Immaculata. Spanish styling is dominant in the exterior architecture of the church with its mosaic dome and red Cordova tile roof."

I really don't understand why mission 1/18 got accepted, yet mission 4/18 has been rejected along with all the others for a lack of clear theme. It seems very arbitrary and capricious.

Additionally, the graphic isn't an issue. It's a custom and stylized version of the abbreviation USD and they're slanted so they can't be rearranged.

The help guide is useless--it literally lists a college campus tour as a great way to theme a mission. I just want to make the game more fun and give agents around me an opportunity to earn a new banner.

Can anyone from support chime in and let me know what's going on? I just want to get this thing up without spending 3 weeks submitting each mission one-by-one.

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