The remaining count of portal scans disappears unintentionally

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If you press the (Upload Now) button multiple times on the (Upload Now) or (Upload Later) screen after performing a portal scan, the remaining number of portal scans will be consumed by the number of times you press it.


In most cases, when you press the (Upload Now) button, you will immediately get an announcement in yellow text (data will be uploaded in the background), but this is noticeable if the device's internal processing takes a long time. 

Unfortunately, the remaining number of this lost scan is not counted in Scout (of course) and remains completely lost (recovers after 6 days?)

I want you to solve this phenomenon.

It's so sad that the count of scans is wasted.

I want to scan more!

[Pic2]: Scan status. 124 remaining.

[Pic3]: After pressing the (Upload Now) button twice and the upload is complete. 122 remaining.

*The remaining scan is reduced by the number of times the button is pressed.

A portal where bugs can be reproduced. Time is JST (UTC+9)

ROYAL DRAKE,139.621522&z=17&pll=35.475881,139.621522



2021/04/05 11:56 PM

You claimed Scout Controller on ROYAL DRAKE (3 Chome-22-8 Matsumotochō, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken 221-0841, Japan) by uploading more Portal Scans than any Agent.


My AG Name:@fumiso

device: pixel 4

OS: Androido 11

Ingress 2.68.2-cea30027

A friend who reproduced the same bug

AG Name:@kinakoko

device: iPhone 11 pro

OS: iOS 14.4.1

Ingress 2.68.2-cea30027

AG Name:@clomi9999

device: Xperia XZ3

OS: Androido 10

Ingress 2.68.2

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  • I'm not able to reproduce this on iOS 14.5 with an iPhone XR on Ingress 2.71 (which we're currently testing now, but hasn't yet released). If I tap Upload Now or Upload Later repeatedly/multiple times, it still only deducts 1 Portal Scan from my max limit.

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