Sojouner medal

I fulfilled all the requirements to continue counting the days for the sojourner 
medal, however, today when making a recharge in a portal, the count of consecutive days returned to 0. Before making the recharge I checked the days, and it was not reset. only after recharging has it returned to 0. I want my 46 consecutive days to be returned. I did not fail to do the refills and hacks one day.


  • LilmavericLilmaveric ✭✭✭
    edited April 5

    I believe recharge was removed quite a while ago as a form of continuing your Sojourner. It was only active during the initial run of Covid bonuses in game. They had released an announcement at some point about scaling back the bonuses, I think. It might have been at the same time they had ceased the double deploy level 8 resonators.

    If you managed to hack or drone hack within the right time period, then your sojourner definitely should have ticked up and that is something you should submit a ticket for.

  • xLIGAxxLIGAx ✭✭

    Agree, recharge doesn't count. Now you must hack, drone can help you.

    How ever these happens something little different to another agents that I know. He opened a ticket to niantic, but the awnser was: nope,can't modify the count.

    So, just restart from 0.

  • They are right. The recharge counting for the medal was eliminated as part of the return to the normality. Of course the drone hacking still counting so you have to start, sorry.

  • ZeroHecksGivenZeroHecksGiven ✭✭✭✭✭

    Heads up Marlon, recharging apparently isn’t an option anymore, just in case you missed that ;)

  • WikiBlueWikiBlue ✭✭✭

    You should have used your drone... but, even if it was a bug: Niantic cannot fix the count.

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