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the 4h-cooldown while review wayspots at comes to fast. After 25k of reviews I'm a very quick at reviewing wayspots. that doesn't mean the quality of my reviews are low or bad, but very time I do quicky reviews the cooldown comes very fast, last time only after 8 reviews. that makes no sens! Now I started to wait 20s seconds by every review and and since then, I didn' get a cooldwon anymore! so the cooldown depend on how fast you review wayspots and not by quality. the cooldown time of 4h is also to long. It feels like a Punichment and keeps me from reviewing wayspots! NIA realy should chance something! at last chance the cooldwon time from 4 to 1h....

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    Hey @gblues! This sounds like an issue for the Wayfarer forums. This forum is for discussing Ingress gameplay and events.

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    They’re just reminding you to go outside ;)

    I agree though, got my first cooldown a week or so ago, pretty annoying as I had only done about 10 reviews that session. Like, guess they don’t need reviews done that bad, I’ll go do something else

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    Maybe you're voting as bad while everyone else is eating it good. The general rule on wayfarer nowdays is the more the better.

    I'm also getting cool downs before 10 minutes of reviews.

    Also, I was used to get at least one portal approval each week, up to a point that I had zero on queue, but now is probably over 100 again, with one approvals each 2 months or more.

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