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  • Great question, and I'd very much like to know the answer as well, but perhaps not ask in Sitrep? Either General or Events / NL1331 seems more appropriate.

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    Same question, but under General. 🤷‍♂️

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    @NianticOfficial @NianticBC I have a question. The store states the package is coming soon. Do you have any idea when? I only want one or two not the 25. That just causes the majority of players no access to any. Thanks

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    You’ve already asked that. Just wait, have patience. They’ll release news when they’re ready. HOPEFULLY what they are doing is just giving us the contents list, and are working to getting more units than the previous run, more availability outside the USA (like Brian said they were trying to do) and making sure everything is set for the next run.

    Have patience, wait, and stop asking questions repeatedly when the first one is visible already.

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    Yeah I had it in a wrong forum and just moved it here. Sorry for any inconveniences. Or repetitiveness, not trying to make anyone upset. I've had problems in the past where I was trying to get others to a link and some didn't work. They just looked like I was posting the same thing over and over. I got called a troll amongst other things. I'm new to this forum stuff so bear with me please. Plus by the time I got notified the last time. Everyone must have bought 25 limit. It was out of stock within minutes.

  • Welcome to the forums! We are glad you're here, and if you have any questions about posting or commenting, feel free to ask.

    At the moment, we know as much about the kit's release as you do. We are hopeful that Niantic is planning a more structured release of the next wave of kits, though I know enough to not promise anything. For the time being, I recommend just keeping an eye out on the forums and potentially joining some local community chats to help stay informed.

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