How to find local players??

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I'm new to the game and was really struggling to find people in my local community even on the comms it was really difficult to find people, I posted in the recruitment area on the forum here and was told to check comms haha. Well luckily I joined a few ingress groups on Facebook and thanks to a fellow agent from a different country I was able to connect with a couple of people. It would be nice to find people that actually live in my neighborhood though....

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    Ping comms again, see who reaches out. You might want to try looking at portals in your area, see who currently owns the portal, who had deployed on it. You can also do this on the Intel Map,

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    Simplest answer. Be active. If you are hyperactive, you'll make people nervous or glad that you are around. You start filling and fielding your local area, someone will reach out to you.

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    Register to the closest Ingress First Saturday.

    Youll probably find people near you, maybe not your neighborhood, but at least same city/state.

    Also, recruit with people you know in real life and are already your friends. That way you know for sure that they are from your neighborhood.

    Let them choose freely on faction, so not all are on the same team, and you get dynamic play. Just be careful that you don't incur in wintrade when playing with opposing factions.

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