Calling all resistance agents from Ontario Canada

Calling all resistance agents from Ontario Canada particularily the resistance agents in the GTA and surrounding areas!!! New agent looking for team mates to take over a bunch of neutral portals!!! As we know the Covid situation has made things hard for everyone and that includes us!! I don't expect to meet up in person but we can work together and help to claim these portals and keep humanity safe from the shapers and the Enlightened!!!


  • Greetings Agent :)

    Northern Ontario here, ENL. Just saw your post here and Ontario so I wanted to say hi!

    I hope you find some fellow agents you'll be able to coordinate with! It adds a ton of depth to the game as well as a bunch more fun.

    Good luck and stay safe out there.

  • Hi Canada 🇨🇦 , im resistance in kilo 13.....

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