[2.68.2] Inaccurate Stat Block when Upgrading Resonators

When upgrading resonators, I discovered that at least with this sequence, you can generate a +/- 1 for the level and a +/- distance for the range after upgrading resonators to your maximum.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Fully deploy a portal, without deploying R6s. I used 87755443.
  2. Close the Deploy Screen (weirdly, this doesn't happen if you don't close it)
  3. Return to the Deploy Screen.
  4. Upgrade the lowest 2 resonators with R6s.

The stat block will show a +/- result. I've seen this many times in the past, with the one of the earliest being during the Aurora Glyph Challenge in 2019, but I worked out how to reproduce it today.

Video for illustration:

Ingress 2.68.2
Android 11
Pixel 4
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