[2.67.1] Large fields are rendered inconsistently in remote view

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Large fields are rendered inconsistently in remote view. When remote portal is opened the first time (via drone, COMM alert or action, remote key), field is not rendered. When the same portal is opened again, the field is rendered. Note: the field anchors are located in different level 6 cells.

The video was recorded with 2.67.1 scanner; seen it in 2.65 as well; later reproduced the same behaviour with 2.68 and smaller field (5K MU, anchors in different level 6 cells).


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  • Tried 2.69.1 scanner - still happens, big fields not rendered when remote portal opened first time. Also noticed with 5-6K fields - when I open anchors in remote view, the shorter links (sides) are rendered, and longer sides are not. When I open second time - both links and the field itself look fine.

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