kinetic capsule can not work. HELP!

I have walked over two kilometers . However, the kinetic capsule no longer advances and remains at 0.0 km from the last program that ends. Hopefully you can support me to resolve this incident. device: iPhone SE, software version 14.4.1 ingress app version: 2.67.1


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  • Mine has advanced, but I can't claim it. I get a blank screen whenever I click claim. I'm on Android.

  • @KisoRiver I'll work on resetting your Kinetic Capsule now, and will reply back when this is done.

    @emisarb I'll also reset your Kinetic Capsule, which I think should grant you the item from your completed Program if the Kinetic Capsule is in the completed/claimable state.

  • This is now done, and you both should be able to start a new Program. I'll mark this thread as resolved and close it.

    If you're still seeing an issue with your Kinetic Capsule, please start a new bug report as these look to be Agent-specific or Kinetic Capsule-specific issues versus something widespread to all Agents. Thank you.

  • The distance hasn't increased since I started a new program last time.

    Device: phone12pro

    IOS: 14.4.2

    Ingress: 2.68.2

    Capsule ID: 25BD70A2

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