[2.67.1] Resonator Carousel shows invalid Deploy Resonator option

Reproduction Steps:

  1. With low XM begin deploying a portal, starting from L8 and letting the carousel drop as you deploy to max counts.
  2. Ensure that your carousel jumps to a lower resonator when your XM gets low.
  3. Open the Cube Access menu and recharge enough energy to keep deploying.
  4. Immediately deploy the low resonator that the carousel jumped to.
  5. When the carousel jumps back to the L8 Resonator, hit Deploy.

At this point, it will tell you "Unable to Deploy"


The carousel should not jump back to the L8 resonator and show an active Deploy button, because the portal already has an L8 resonator on it. It causes a failed attempt to deploy before jumping to the correct next resonator.

Ingress 2.67.1
Android 11
Pixel 4
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  • Actually, the second one is not necessary. I catch the same issue every time when I use cubes while deploying

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