Biocard Database

As some might know I am a swag addict and love Biocards. That's why I created a Biocard Database website together with ohneNot. That site had to be taken offline due to GDPR issues. In the meantime I created a Telegram Bot that can access the Biocard Database an retrieve the cards. (@ingress_biocard_bot)

For me this was kind of an experiment in creating Telegram Bots. But now it's time to move on and enhance the Database.

My first intention was to create a Telegram only version. But it became quite obvious that a classical website will be a much better approach to implement many features. That's why I started to change the website framework to create a web frontend in addition to the Telegram Bot.

Most of the basic functions are already implemented, but still need to be tested.

Now I would like to collect ideas what features you would like to get.

This are some features that I think would be helpful:

- Mark Biocards as owned

- Mark Biocards as spare for trading

I made a simple Google form to collect your feature requests:

You can use the Telegrom Bot @ingress_biocard_bot to search for Biocards. The database has about 6.200 different Biocards. From most cards only the front picture is available. As soon as the new website goes live, the bot will be switched to the new database.

This are pictures from the current Telgram bot:



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