[2.67.1] Recharge view shows 'Need More XM' when the bar is still contains sufficient XM

This one is an old old bug, dating back to 2015-02-24 when the Boost recharge functionality was added.


  • An XM pool larger than 16k (Level 13 or higher)
  • A portal with more than 15k energy missing
  • Agent has a full XM bar.
  • Ground XM is present around the Agent.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. While standing in a pool of XM with a full XM bar greater than 16,000 XM, boost recharge a portal with more than 15k energy missing.
  2. Immediately tap the button again as the ground XM is collected, to continue recharging.

The display will show "Needs More XM" even though the Agent has more than sufficient XM to perform a second recharge, and the recharge will not go through. Tapping a third time will recharge the portal again using the remaining XM pool.

This is an old bug, and as far as I can guess, completely server related, so one for @ofer2 and the server team, rather than a GUI issue. It appears that when you're collecting XM at the same time as attempting to boost recharge, some sort of consistency error aborts the recharge.

Ingress 2.67.1
Android 11
Pixel 4
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  • Is anything being done to resolve this issue? It was something I was about to report, still another annoying feature of Ingress that I wish would be resolved before adding the fluffy new stuff that mostly does not interest me...

  • This is a collision issue that's existed since boost recharge was added in Classic. I'm not sure this can be fixed without rewriting the servers, at this point.

  • It is software, if Niantic cared less about selling and promoting the game and more about the quality this could be resolved... just is not a priority to them... the fact it is a long time issue justifies what I said

  • It's an old bundle of spaghetti code though. These sorts of eventual consistency issues are hard at the best of times, but the decision to not make us wait another year or two for new features was made, so at least for now we're still on the old non-Lightship server model.

    I can understand them not fixing this issue specifically, in favour of more easily rectified ones that have a bigger impact on experience.

  • It comes down to one thing... MONEY!

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