Disscussion XFact Ingress Indonesia (Telegram)

Diskusi XFact Ingress Indonesia (Telegram)


Komunitas XFact Ingress Indonesia menyambut semua Resistance and Enlightened Agents untuk meningkatkan hubungan lintas faksi sambil memainkan game yang kita semua mainkan.

Jika Anda adalah agen baru yang mencari bantuan dan berhubungan dengan tim lokal, atau mengunjungi Agen yang mencari misi dan keunikan, kami ingin menyambut Anda di XFact Ingress Indonesia.

Bergabunglah dengan kami Sekarang di:

Website Resmi Ingress :

Faction Website :

Resistance Indonesia

Enlightened Indonesia

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Disscussion XFact Ingress Indonesia (Telegram)


XFact Ingress Indonesia community welcomes all Resistance and Enlightened Agents to improve cross-factional relations while playing the games we all play.

if you are a new agent looking for help and connecting with a local team, or visiting an Agent looking for a unique and mission, we would like to welcome you to XFact Ingress Indonesia.

Join us now at :

Ingress Offsial Website :

Faction Website :

Resistance Indonesia

Enlightened Indonesia



  • Thank you for opening the topic of discussion about Xfact, the local state of Indonesia, very helpful for new agents, who still need guidance and information regarding games from Ingress.

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    Don't hesitate to reply to chat in the language 'bahasa' in this discussion, we hope to facilitate information about the game play in the area we are in, from the shortcomings or obstacles that friends often find when playing.

  • XOPB16XOPB16 ✭✭

    Good job dude!!

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