[2.67.1] Deploy Carousel doesn't return to appropriate Resonator after refilling energy bar.

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When Deploying, if your XM runs down to a point that the next appropriate resonator in the sequence costs too much XM, but you have enough for a lower level resonator, the Carousel will jump to a lower Resonator.

While I think this is a practice that should be ended, it's not a fault of implementation but design.

However, a fault of implementation is that when you refill your XM bar using a cube, the carousel does not return to it's original position before you ran out of XM, like it did in the Classic client, as well as during much of the early Prime era.

The expected behavior is that after refilling the energy bar, the carousel automatically goes back to the L5 resonator, instead of the user having to manually do it.

See below for an illustration.

Note that this would not be an issue if being out of XM merely disabled the Deploy button like it does when you can't deploy any resonators due to XM deficiency.

Ingress 2.67.1
Android 11
Pixel 4
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