Problem with missing FS badge

From the Website :

"If agents have any issues with receiving the Badge or bonus AP two full weeks after the event, they’ll need to contact Niantic Support to resolve it. Issues before April 2019 are still being investigated and won’t need to contact Niantic Support."

The agent in question opened a ticket, and op points back to local poc 

"Hello Agent, Thanks for reaching out to Ingress Support. I understand that you've not received the Medal for FS in June. Please know that the First Saturday medals are assigned based on the check-in lists provided by the event POCs. The medal will be assigned once the POCs confirm your participation. Please reach out to the POCs to ensure you are included in the corrections/missed list. Note that we may not be able to assign medals if your name is not included in either list. "

Would be nice if anyone could clarify what the right procedure is. Agents travel to attend FS events and are rightfully upset if they dont get them and noone knows what to do about it.



  • jplolojplolo ✭✭✭

    You did the right thing. You contacted Niantic support for the most up to date procedure. Now you need to contact the event POC as they suggested.

  • In fact I am asking this for the POC 😒

  • tabinecotabineco ✭✭✭
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    Please wait until the end of this week if you have met all the conditions on this page but have not received your badge.

    If you still cannot get the badge, please contact Niantic Support.

    From IFS-UN

    Happy Hacking!

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