I cant submit new portals

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When i tries to submit a new request, after choosing two photos from my gallery, writing a title and a description, when i push the submit button, after a few seconds, an error message appears on my screen that says: "Nomination submission failed. Please try again"

I have this problem for a few days

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    I have experienced it too, from my experience, it is due to inaccurate / unstable location / GPS reading the location when submitting a nomination.

    the solution is you have to be in the position of the scaner to open the map to its fullest and then submit it again. (Move slightly from where you are currently standing, exit the building / mall / ground floor parking / underground station / if you are there)

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    Thanks for dropping in, @Thund3r11! We suggest you force close the Ingress Prime app and clear the app cache. Next, please try taking another action in your Scanner while making sure you are connected to a stable network and GPS is set to high accuracy. Let us know if you need more help!

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  • I still had this error during the remote nomination from home, where I have a perfect GPS signal and a stable WiFi connection and kept the radius of 25 km. Cache was cleared, but nothing happend .. android, i.v. 2.67.1

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