Black screen and Core Suscription

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Cellular: Pocophone F1 6GB RAM

Android: 10.QKQ1.190828.002 (MIUI GLOBAL 12.0.3)

Free memory: 12.48 GB

Ingress Prime: 2.67.1

Date Core susbcription Renew: 09-Apr-21

Last correct access to Ingress: 14-Feb-23:48 Last action: Recharge portal or dron hacking.

Longest hacking streak: 938 days (14-feb Active)

Ingress starts up with music in background and game logo then goes black and never gets to spinning globe.  If I turn the phone upside down, the ingress logo appears (energy saving)

I've cleared cache and storage and also uninstalled and reinstalled (more than ten times) . Tried over 3 different wifi and over 2 cellulars. Nothing.

Ingress Intel Map logging fine in Personal Computer and Cellular. I can send messages.

I test to logging another account into my cell ... and works fine... (ONLY simple access TEST)

Core subscription is active... and wasting away...

Longest hacking streak (938 days) must be already broken.

In my email are arriving messages from Niantic Project Operations with portals attacked or neutralize... it works fine.


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  • @sqlman17 what Ingress account are you referring to, and do you have more than 1 Ingress account?

    I can see your last game action was on Mar 16, 2021 5:34 PM (not Feb 14, 2021 23:48), and your C.O.R.E. subscription renewal date is Apr 9, 2021 1:23 PM (not Feb 9, 2021).

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    No. Excuse me I edit date. The susbcrption is active

    The last action can be a message in a COMM(I already comment it). The message was sent in Ingress Intel Map. Not in Ingress Prime. (But that ocurr at night)

    Mar 16, 2021 5:34 PM -->> at this time only can be a intent to logging into Ingress Prime app. The screen always is black.

    I have only one ingress account. @sqlman17.

    On Monday my wife wanted to help me and she created an account to try. It's her account and she only played 10 minutes. It worked perfectly for her. I thought that would not be a problem since it would give more information to ingress support.

    (I test to logging.....)


  • It works now!

    I don't know what you have done, but thank you very much

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