XM Research Survey - Conclusion

I am happy to announce the end results of my survey, and thank you to everyone who participated.

These responses were able to help potentially prove a theory that we've been thinking about quite a bit; that the Tessellation changed the flow of XM into our node. Which seems to be true, though perhaps in select locations. This was proven by the data collected, and by the fact that agents have noticed increased XM coming from portals.

Also, it seems that this increased XM may have other psychological effects as noted in the survey as well.

There were some additional comments of interest that were provided in the survey, those being:

1. "It's more like psychological influences. The increase of xm tends to lighten up our mood. Just go to a remote island where there is no portal or xm. What do we feel? Emptiness... loneliness.... feeling isolated."

2. "Mostly paranoia, because I've seen XM disappearing with no one around except for me, so maybe there is an extra output because there is an extra demand"

3. "Recently I have experienced a nagging feeling of unease especially around high level portals. Different then usual. I believe the Portal Network may have the same influence the Exogenous had, and it may be related."

4. "Odd messages from scanner."

5. "Was able to see the particles since I was a child. Just recently I do get a since of feel which can not be described."

Thanks again to all of the agents who participated, your help was very appreciated. I may do a follow up survey at a later time.

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