Niantic Support, PLEASE STOP conniving brainsick, F-words speaking players in Ingress COMM



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    As a Mandarin and English speaker I'm quite sure the original speech, if it really exists and despite the context, does not include words like "mum", "grave", "F*c*", "s**t". Please do not make malicious gossip.

    People generally is generally not fond of F-words like you do, really. You can put the original statement in the form of text here and let everyone make their own judgement with the help of Google Translate and see if there exists any F-word, OK?

  • Thanks for help to confirm that you really offense other players to a great extent. In this dialog which has already been covered in the article written by someone that I shared, we could see that player @LuoboTiX did not insult you. It's a common reply to you as ENL player competing fiercely with him and him. It's you attacking directly him with F-words.

    2019-03-15 2:20:36 PM hvnmidori: @LuoboTiX 当猪皮的小妾挺爽吧?

    DeepL Translation: Being Pigskin's concubine is pretty cool, right?

    2019-03-15 2:23:24 PM hvnmidori: @LuoboTiX 每天去他家假po找日?

    Translation: Go to his home of a fake portal to get f*c*ed?

    Anyone from Niantic who could read Mandarin knows that the translation I made is accurate. It looks like you don't see any problem when uploading this screenshot, do you? Things are becoming more obvious that you do not care and you do not comply with Ingress Guidelines. Shame.

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