Who is Nemesis?

So i have a theory.

I think Nemesis is from the Prime universe, and i think i know where they originated.

We know that in 1218, Carrie shut down Die Glocke in the past before it could come fully online. But in Prime, as far as we know, that did not happen.

Die Glocke is a techthulu, and if its online and functioning in the Prime universe, it has access to the entire Multiverse. I believe this is the driver behind the Nemesis organization.

There are a few hints that seem to tie Nemesis to the Nazi regime, which is the when that Die Glocke originated. Their glyphs are runic in shape and impression, and Stuart LIghtner used the phrase 'Hail Nemesis' recently on one of the leaked Dunraven videos. Ok this is thin but the picture i'm seeing fits so far. The things they are capable of seem to suggest an entity like a Thulu is working with them, working for them or perhaps control


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    Red team in Prime soon?

  • OGMagusOGMagus ✭✭✭

    Is this related to the recent Team Rocket appearence? :)

  • ZennZenn ✭✭✭✭
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    Not the worst attempt at a joke... But since absolutely no story elements or server elements have ever aligned or been affected by anything in PkGO, it's tiring.

    I think of the street sweepers at our anomalies and trainers yelping that it was likely due to the server strain of concurrent gofest events despite street sweepers predating pkgo and ingress being on completely seperate servers.

    I think of trainers thinking ingress portal levels having some effect on pkstop output... Despite being on seperate servers.

    This is an ingress messageboard. Just like the ingress Twitter... It looks as though you just can't shake the inane pkgo commentary... Even in ingress lore!

    OPR and portal submission fine... I get it. But in ingress lore? As convoluted as it is already? Let's leave team rocket where they belong: ultrastriked in the crucible of a Magnus nest as a sacrifice to the exogenous entities that are clawing at our souls and minds.

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    There is a multi-verse? Is Ingress teying to be like comic books? Can someone break it down for me?

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    We have at least three universes. "1218" was was the universe that everything before Prime occurred in. Then there Anime universe and the Prime universe. Its assumed that all the graphic novels and books happened in separate universes because they contradict each other in various ways.

    Long story short each different universe had an epiphany night which was triggered by an other universe as a result of venting XM. Each universe has a Niantic Magnus, shapers, nzeer etc.

  • My thoughts after watching the end of the Osiris videos...

    At the end of Ko Lan, the two Nemesis agents supposedly took the Osiris stone and disappeared. Just mere seconds later the "Two Hanks", came out of the woods with said stone. My thought is that no matter who won the series, the goal for this "Nemesis" is to acquire the stone. It appeared that they succeeded. I also further believe that the Osiris stone is a renewable power source that could be installed into a techthulu, giving the creator of said device immense power. If the said organization...this Nemesis...does have the Die Glocke techthulu or has created something similar to the Third Reich secret weapon and installed the Osiris stone, if they truly exist, then we're all in for a longer campaign.

    Let's not expect to finish these guys off in a year. After seeing the last video of Director Calvin, this new foe will be in for the long haul. They will want to grow their numbers, they will want to gain strength. They are going all in. It's time for the rest of us to do the same.

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    Thanks for sharing this theorie! I’ve just recently gotten into the whole Ingress backstory... Could you give me some background info about “die Glocke”?

  • Die Glocke was a 'wonder weapon' researched by the Germans during WW 2. There is some speculation the tech came from either Aliens or some secret documents by Tesla. Anywho... the stories around the thing fit the idea of a Tecthulu, and during the first Chicago RPE, Carrie managed to shut down that techthulu in our universal node. However, there is a big multiverse out there, and its possible in another node (like Prime) this thulu is active and being managed by the Nemesis folks.

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