Hacking streak broken?

I reached 300 consecutive days of hacking yesterday. Today my Now-tab says 0 days.

I am sure I did some hacking (and deploying and linking and charging and fielding) after my day had reset and noted the nice round number I had reached.

Today when launching the app, it says my longest hacking streak is 299 days and current is 0.

I am playing on Android 10 and with what I assume is the latest app version (I don't think Ingress even allows playing without updating?), 2.66.2 I guess is the one.

Unfortunately I didn't take a screenshot of the 300 yesterday, I only have pictures from today.

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  • For account specific things you are best raising a support ticket either in app or via ingress.com/support.

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    Hey there, @Izevel! As @ATR0P0S mentioned, to help us investigate this issue please get in touch with our in-app support and one of our team members will assist you.

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    Hola, noté hace pocos días que la medalla Sojourner no está contándome los días luego del primer hack, por favor revisarlo. He hackeado diariamente. iPhone 8 Plus, iOS 14.4.1 y última versión del juego.

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