Core suscription reneval fail



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    I'm also having such issue. I have extra space, but just that. No bonus items, nor CMU. I'm not with iPhone. I cleared all ingress data, killed the game, started from scratch - still nothing. Account name is Be6i4.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Was solved, finally. But my review in Google Play was changed to 1. When the game was free was aceptable the errors and bugs and not support from NIA for solving, but now is a paid game and the buyers are customers and the customer have now rights to claim a better support.

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    I am here because support's reply is unbelievable. And I have the same problem. Payment was asked a day early. My first subscription was Feb 12th. April 11th I was using my load credits for pokemon go as it was commday. They attempted to pull a payment and got declined 1 time. Loaded the phone and the payment went through a few hours later. The next day on the 12th, my core features were removed. I overflowed my inventory. I had to recycle more than 600 items because i need to hack during the event. The 12th ended and it is already April 13. No core loadout kit. But google play said my core sub is active.

    Hoping my issue gets addressed here. I did a lot of hacking and recharging, deployed, scanned on the 12th. No core package was received. It would be unfair if I already paid on time and will only be using the +500 inventory less than 30 days because Niantic was delayed in reinstating the subscription.

    Update: I unsubbed and resubbed as per troubleshooting info I got from this thread. NO HELP FROM SUPPORT. THEIR REPLIES ARE ALL USELESS.

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  • At last, today April 13th I got my CORE subscription activated again. I have misssed more. than three weeks of it, not good when you pay for something.

  • the Prime update is available on iOS. Try the refresh button if you still have problems with your subscription

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    I have same trouble.

    What should I do?

    I found the button to refresh Subscription but it hide to under the screen so immediately that I can’t push it.

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  • @NianticBrian same issue here in USA.

    Subscription is active in my IOS subscriptions, but purchase history with Apple shows that the payment is currently pending. In the meantime, the core subscription is available for purchase in the in-game store and my inventory is capped at 2000.

  • Hi


    You can add me to the list as well. I am on an iOS device.

    My subscription renewed a couple of days ago, I received the email from Apple showing the charge. Core subscription is not active in the scanner. I hope that this is not going to be an ongoing problem each month.

    As someone else pointed out, it seems impossible to press the “refresh” button, as it is below the edge of the screen. I can pull it up but not pull it up and press it.

    It would be nice Niantic credited us with a free month of CORE to compensate for us for this hassle.


    Agentname: Grumbleman

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    @NianticBrian my CORE was payed today and my Ingress game don’t see it.

    My bag is at 2000 :

    I’m on IOS.

    It would be nice Niantic credited us with a free month of CORE to compensate for us for this bug.

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    You can add me to the list of agents with this issue. My subscription renewed on 19th April but since then I have only 2000 inventory, I can't hack towards the new badge as I have 2456 items.

    @NianticBrian There are numerous threads for this issue so it seems fairly widespread. I think at the very least one of them should be stickied so all new reports end up on one thread. Oh and also post an update on what is happening. Niantic Support have been in total silence on my chat with them for 2 days. A 'we know there's an issue and we're working on it' would be nice!

    Edit: I'm on iOS.

  • Update: My support ticket on has just been closed without comment (after 2 days of silence). I've opened another.

  • I ended up just reporting the issue to the App a store and requesting a refund through the App Store. This isn’t the way a subscription works.

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    Always no evolution of the situation. Only 2000 inventory... Next event begin tomorrow.

    CORE where are you ? I have payed but I don’t see you.

    And my second bug : kinetic capsule always blocked at 0km...

    You know what ? I’m not happy.

    I have stopped my renoval 5 min ago.

    Niantic dont want my money... so

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  • Same same. 🙄 My auto renewal date is the 19th.

  • RostwoldRostwold ✭✭✭✭✭

    9 days into my 'chat', it was simply closed without a response. @NianticBrian do you honestly think this is an acceptable way for Niantic to behave?

  • Having the same problem. 🤨

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    have u all tried the Refresh` button to Settings menu > Subscriptions ?

  • pelicanSHpelicanSH ✭✭✭

    Yes. More than 5 times at different moments and ...

    nothing happend. 😭

  • I finished going through this thread to catch Agents that our Ops team hadn't finished going through, so if you're not seeing your C.O.R.E. rewards (2,500 inventory) you should see it now after taking a game action.

    We're still investigating what's causing this issue for some Agents, and working on fixes for the issues we have identified. Thank you for your patience as we continue to work on this.

  • Same same.

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    My subscription renewed 5 days ago and my inventory size is 2000 again. Come on people. This has been a repeated problem for months

    and yes, I’ve tried clicking the refresh subscription button on the settings screen that is nearly inaccessible to scroll to still on iOS

  • @YurtleDaTurtle If you haven't already, please reach out to us via In-app support. We'll take it from there.

  • pelicanSHpelicanSH ✭✭✭
  • I see no refresh button under subscriptions.

    Only a manage button which when I click on it, gotta to a screen that tells me I have an active subscription that is going to take money out again on June 14th when I haven't received the stuff I paid for on May 14th.

    16 days now having paid for services that have not been received. Yes, I've opened an in-app request that has been ignored. Yes, I've submitted my receipt numerous times. No, I have not received my load out. This is unacceptable.

  • It has been nineteen days now since I paid for services (C.O.R.E. gear) that have not been delivered. It's been seventeen days since I was ghosted by Niantic "Support". It's been six days since @NianticVK told me I should be expecting a reply "anytime soon™". Fortunately I still have my 500 additional inventory, however, some are not so lucky. I wonder what city's Better Business Bureau would be interested in this. Would that be San Francisco? As far as I can tell, my money is being stolen.

  • I am also experiencing the same issue right now. I am on IOS and along with those I am on an iPhone SE 2020 and have an issue where if I touch the screen with 2 fingers I also get a black screen. I re-subbed and lost my 500 slots as well.

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