Core suscription reneval fail



  • @NianticBrian I have paid for my CORE supscription, I did not receive the load out and the 500 extra inventory has disappeared. I was promised to receive a reply about this in a few hours, but in fact I am being ignored. Could you please take action on this?

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    Investigatexm, im on android, i still have my 500 space, but i have not received my kit, and no 7000 cmu :(

  • @NianticBrian hi

    do you have an update for my cmu


  • @NianticBrian is there any update yet? I am asking for over a week now, There is not even a proper reply.

  • I note that the last information on this was on the 10th. I too have this problem and have opened a support ticket. Why is support around this so bad? Please respond. There are people asking for information and no-one is responding.

  • Incredible

  • hi @NianticBrian

    i still have my 500 space, but i have not received my kit, and no 7000 cmu :(

    thanks for your help

  • For me the problem is solved, with no communication, and no compensation.

  • Hi @NianticBrian, I've renewed my Core subscription and was charged but have yet to receive the loadout/inventory changes in game.

    I reported this via in-app support on 18th March and provided supporting screenshots by 19th March but have yet to hear anything back.

  • At least you can interact with humans, i cant even do nuttin in-app , it brings me here, again

  • my seconth renewal worked this time, finally

  • @NianticBrian appears the only fix is to tag you individually? Add me to the list please

  • @NianticBrian Hi, This is the second time I have encountered this problem. The last time you solved the problem directly. 

    Can you please give me back my subscription as I have paid for it?

    I am thinking of cancelling my subscription if this problem is not solved as soon as possible.

  • I wrote on another thread, but I’m chiming in on this one too - I subscribed the very minute CORE became available, iTunes says my next renewal date is May 9th, and I still haven’t received the loadout (I do still have 2500 spaces).

    Since it’s day 59 I should get another Battle Beacon, 4 Apex, etc and 7000CMU, I’m afraid that if this delays any longer Inwont be getting the loadout I should’ve gotten and everyone else got.

  • This is ridiculous, in particular the lack of any acknowledgement

  • Similiar problem here. Other guys of my community got their renewal yesterday in the (european) afternoon, 7000 CMU, several VR items. I didn't login yesterday (nevertheless my subscription was on day 1, too, so I was charged yesterday in the evening), but today in the morning (european time) - subscription counter went to 3, storage stays at 2500, no CMU, no VR items.

    Slightly annoying, I have to say.

    Agent Schwubbeline...

  • i‘ve contacted apple support, because i thought maybe they have a problem, but they confirmed that i‘ve paid my service. so definitly a problem with ingress prime c.o.r.e. - hope they‘ll fix it soon, don‘t wanna pay something what i can not use...!!

  • Hiiiiiiii i back, i am the creator of the post, another month with problem :).

    My suscription has renew in friday 9, the pre-charge, but i don't have money in the card.

    In saturdar 10 i rechargue the card, and pay the suscription in google play store manualy.

    Today still not renewed in the game, not the benefits, only the statusbinthe ingress and play stores.

    My friend EricFunko, have the same problem with another dates. Can you see his problem to.

  • Hi, on April 9 my Google Pay was short 29 cents, subscription canceled, no problem that was my fault I forgot about the fees.

    April 10, yesterday I added $10.00 now I have $15.00. Ingress did take $5.29 from my Google Pay yesterday, April 10 but I still have not received my membership benefits.

    Thank you for your help in this matter.

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    Am still having the same problem @NianticBrian , I have not received what I paid for and I am extremely disappointed. Not one word from your support either,sorry to say it, you really do not treat your customers well. I re-installed Ingress, I’ve tried everything. Why do you not fix it?

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    Try cancel your subscription and try buy it again maybe that helps i read for some..

  • I am also having the same problem, and the "support" hasnt replied in over 24 hours...

    @NianticBrian whats going on ?

    My account did not have enough money at the time, so the payment was declined. When i tried to "renew" my subscription it took my money, but i did not recieve any ingame items, or even a core badge. REALLY dissapointed. Im paying money for this, ridiculous.

  • Hi @NianticBrian, sorry to bother you. $5.29 was taken from my Google Play account for April but I still haven't received my loadout membership benefits for the month of April.

    Thank you for looking into this for me.

  • I'm having a similar issue. My core subscription benefits have ended but I'm still subscribed. I have checked and I have paid renewal.

    How do I fix this?

  • My CORE subscription is not working. 48 hours from bought and nothing received. Installed the game , reinstalled, started again, I did actions in game but nothing.

  • Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do. Niantic broke their own product and don’t seem to care enough to even respond or post an update. I guess they assume we’re the chumps willing to give them money in the first place, no rush to resolve anything.

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    This level of customer support is pathetic. We're paying customers that have been let down badly, yet Niantic can't be bothered to let us know what the problem is or when it will be fixed.

  • With google play support , I agreed wait some hours more for a funds recall.

  • Unreal.

    unsubscribing in my App Store subscriptions area fixed the problem for me.

    closed ingress

    unsubscribed in App Store

    reopened game, capacity and extra gear applied to my account

  • Fixed for me too. I cancelled the subscription in Play Store, open Ingress and select again subscription and the missing 500 space for items back. But the gifts are still missing: there is not CMU...and the others.

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