My brother account was unfairly banned from Ingress

My brother account on Ingress, tiagojmgfpinto, was banned last Thursday for spoofing. That is not true. He never played against the rules. He played in Braga, our hometown, on Monday; on tuesday he went to Lisbon (because he studies there) and on Wednesday he played for 10 minutes in Lisbon. That was is first time playing Ingress there. He capture two portals (Junta de Freguesia do Areeiro and Casa da Cultura e Juventude) there and created a link between them.

Someone in the city reported him for spoofing and Niantic banned his Ingress account. Other players in Portugal said to him that is a very common thing in Lisbon. When they find new players (from low levels and from other factions) they start to report everyone.

He has also the proof that he travel from Braga to Lisbon on Tuesday (his bus ticket).

Now Niantic dont want to investigate this case. This was so unfair.


  • AzhreiaAzhreia ✭✭✭✭✭

    Your brother will need to appeal the ban himself to have Niantic look into it. You cannot appeal on his behalf.

  • Yes, in fact I confirm that it is very common, a new account that appears in the city center of Lisbon is “automatically” massively reported, if it should be true that to be banned, there must be something that niantic found, it is also true that same agents have evidence in contrary to what, valid players start playing where there are restricted portals, and as soon as these portals are captured they are banned, and in a very short time (strange), but it happens just to one faction, something strange happens, something very strange happens, and I say this to do not go on any longer .... But this starts to be ridiculous and going to meet an old poust someone has in fact or belongs to have the monopoly of the area, it is sad, very sad.


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