SITREP: Northeast USA - Connecticut/Massachusetts/New York - 16.6 Million MU

KonnTowerKonnTower ✭✭✭✭✭

On 3/7/2021 for the 6pm checkpoint, a combination of Connecticut Enlightened, Mid-Husdon Enlightened (New York), and Pioneer Valley Enlightened (Western MA) came together to shake the rust off and run a regional op to lift our moods as we continue to deal with COVID.

The operation went smoothly, resulting in a set of fields in Connecticut and a set of fields in northern Massachusetts near the Vermont border. The fields totaled up for around 16,586,317 MU, with our agent in Connecticut adding yet another Illuminator Onyx worth of MU to their stats while our agent in northern Massachusetts was able to earn enough MU for a total of three illuminator onyx badges! This was the MA agent's first Onyx badge, they're super excited!

Total MU thrown: 16,586,317

MU delta between checkpoints: 14,727,969

Typical checkpoint MU for the cell (AM01-MIKE-03): ~1,300,000

Congratulations to all agents involved, it was a great time coordinating with a number of different groups.

We're looking forward to when the game returns to a normal state. Be safe out there agents.


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