NL-1331 Badge Chicago Anomaly

When are the badges for the Chicago anomaly going to be pushed through? All of the other badges, including the Mission Day badge have been out for a bit, but nothing on the Van.


  • Felt depressed when I found out that this badge wasn't counting for past times I've interacted with the van. Tried again, bought the package and also still have not had the badge opened up. Badge should be made to open the minute Niantic scans your ticket at check-in.

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    It's not just Chicago; Niantic is several sites behind on issuing NL-1331 medals, and that's normal. (I'm waiting on three NL-1331 meetups to hit my profile!) It's one of the slowest event medals to update.

    For the record, "all of the other badges" from Chicago have not been issued. Some of the paid events are lagging, too.

    Practically speaking, asking your question is a waste of time and bandwidth. Just stay in your faction anomaly chat until you have all your medals from the weekend. When the medals push, someone will announce it. If you don't get a medal the same time everyone else does, then you can worry.

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  • Got mine today! 6-13-2019 Thanks!

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    Intel Ops badge from Atlanta took almost 2 months 😢

    NL 1331 is usually quick from previous experience

  • I still don't have the tick for the NL1331 meetup of Chicago. 😓

    I already sent a ticket to support, but don't have an answer yet.

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