Loading distant portals from inventory keys stops working after loading a bunch

dw235dw235 ✭✭
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Ingress 2.66.2 (and previous versions)

Android 10 and 11

Oneplus 3T and Realme x2 pro

When recharging distant portals, after loading a bunch of portals (something like > 100), when clicking on a key, the portal info are not displayed anymore. Something is happening when clicking because the first click on the return button does nothing when in this state.

Restarting the app solves the problem.

Workflow (between parentheses are the display states, out of parentheses are the actions).


(scanner) inventory (inventory screen) -> keys (key screen) -> click a key (portal info) -> return (key screen) -> return (scanner)


(scanner) inventory (inventory screen) -> keys (key screen) -> click a key (still key screen) -> return (key screen) -> return (scanner)

I will update this bug report with a video next time I encounter the problem.

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